Vegan Sushi Salad Bowl

  • Prep: 30 Mins / Cook: 25 Mins
  • Serves 2
  • medium

A stunning vegan sushi salad, fresh and vibrant, celebrating a wide range of gorgeous spring produce without the hassle of sushi rolling. A lovely recipe to get your sushi fix in a super easy way. Why not add this delicious, easy sushi dish to your meal plan this week!

Gluten Free Dairy Free High Protein


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  • Rice Wine Vinegar Rice Wine Vinegar 60ml 1/4 cup
  • Water Water 60ml 1/4 cup
  • White Sugar White Sugar 1 tbsp 1 tbsp
  • Table Salt Table Salt 1/4 tsp 1/4 tsp
  • Beetroot Powder Beetroot Powder 1/2 tsp 1/2 tsp
  • Ginger Root Ginger Root 1 thumb 1 thumb
  • Short Grain Brown Rice Short Grain Brown Rice 120g 2/3 cup
  • Rice Wine Vinegar Rice Wine Vinegar 2 tsp 2 tsp
  • White Sugar White Sugar 1 tsp 1 tsp
  • Table Salt Table Salt 1/4 tsp 1/4 tsp
  • Mixed Sesame Seeds Mixed Sesame Seeds 1 tsp 1 tsp
  • Medium Tomatoes Medium Tomatoes 4 4
  • Soy Sauce Soy Sauce 2 tsp 2 tsp
  • Sesame Oil Sesame Oil 1 tsp 1 tsp
  • Sriracha Chili Sauce Sriracha Chilli Sauce 1 tbsp 1 tbsp
  • Vegan Mayonnaise Vegan Mayonnaise 2 tsp 2 tsp
  • Mixed Sesame Seeds Mixed Sesame Seeds 1 tsp 1 tsp
  • Spring Onion Spring Onion 1 1
  • Spring Radish Spring Radish 12 12
  • Sugar Snap Peas Sugar Snap Peas 150g 2 cups
  • Red Cabbage Red Cabbage 1/4 head 1/4 head
  • Carrot Carrot 1 1


  1. 1.First, make the pickled ginger. Skip this step if you are using store-bought! Stir the vinegar, water, sugar and salt (and beetroot powder if using) until sugar is dissolved. Use a vegetable peeler to make ribbons out of the peeled ginger, then place it in the liquid mixture and set aside for at least 20 minutes.
  2. 2.To make the rice, add the uncooked rice to a pot of boiling water and simmer until tender (about 25 minutes). Drain and cool. Meanwhile, stir the vinegar, sugar and salt together until the sugar is dissolved, then pour into the cooled rice and stir to distribute. Also, stir in the sesame seeds.
  3. 3.Make the spicy tomatoes by scoring an X on the base of each of them. Place them in a pot of boiling water for 60 seconds, then immediately remove and submerge in a bowl of ice-cold water. The skin will start to peel off. Leave for two minutes, then remove from the icy water and peel completely. Slice the tomatoes into half, and scoop out the seeds (you will not need them but they make a great addition to pasta sauces or vegetable stocks). Cube the remaining tomato flesh, then add to a bowl with the soy sauce, sesame oil, sriracha, mayo, sesame seeds and spring onion. Leave in the fridge to marinate for at least 20 minutes, as you prepare the veg. It gets better with time so for best results prepare this a few hours ahead!
  4. 4.Chop up all the vegetables and assemble the bowls with the rice, fresh veg, spicy tomatoes and ginger for garnish. This is also great with more mayo over the top and nori seaweed - if you have it.
  5. 5.*I prefer using short grain brown rice to sushi rice, as it doesn't become quite so starchy and it's easier (and less expensive) to find. But if you prefer sushi rice, go ahead!

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