About Veahero

Veahero was created by a group of friends who had all transitioned to vegan or vegetarian lifestyles in the last 2-3 years. We decided to transition for different reasons - having seen PETA's factory farming exposés, experiencing a worsening intolerance to dairy, or a choice to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

However, one thing struck us all – going meat-free is a challenge! Despite growing interest in vegan and vegetarian diets, from cookbook to supermarket, society is still geared to meaty diets and veganism/vegetarianism remains a minority sport.

If like us, you are a newbie to the green revolution, you are most likely discovering a whole range of exciting new organic substitutes, while at the same time asking two very important questions: 'How do I cook this?' And 'with what?!'

And so Veahero was born, enabling us and others like us (yes that would be you) to make a silken-tofu-smooth transition to a meat-free lifestyle.

Veahero x

Advertising & Partners

Veahero will always be a free platform for the user. This way we can reach and encourage as many people as possible to try a meat-free lifestyle. We are currently looking at ways we can cover our running costs, so that we can grow and deliver more and better content. Currently we are using blog advertising and Google Ads to do this but in the future we would love to work with sponsors or green companies/brand that share our goals and audience.

If you would like to sponsor or feature your plant-based or animal-free products on Veahero, please drop us a line. We would love to promote relevant products and increase their availability to the average consumer.


So far, Veahero is a personally-funded startup. But we would welcome any would-be investors to get in touch if they like what we´re doing and would like to help us grow the platform!

Join our team

We are always on the lookout for international cooks and writers to provide recipe ideas and interesting articles to inspire our users. If that sounds like you send us a hello at hello@veahero.com.