Mini Warning!

The below isn´t easy reading and is unpleasant to think about. We don´t mean to upset anyone but for those that are at the start of their plant-based journey knowing the realities behind modern factory farming can give you the added motivation and conviction to make a difference.

The below might sound macabre and depressing but unfortunately the work charities such as Peta and Mercy for Animals have undertaken has shown that the exploitation and mistreatment of animals is endemic in thousands of livestock factories, across the world, everyday.

Let´s start a green revolution, because change is needed.

Everything born deserves a life

Every year 56 billion animals are slaughtered in factory farms. 56 billion!

Pumped with steroids, hormones, antibiotics - the growth of these animals is accelerated so their lives can be ended as early as possible. And in their short lives they will only experience misery, mistreatment and despair.

The Reality

Zero sunlight, concrete floors, windowless sheds, confinement cages too small for animals to either stand or stretch their wings. The young torn from mothers, animals crammed together - living amongst distressed, diseased and dead animals.

Eating meat finances cruelty to animals

When you buy meat and dairy products at the supermarket, you are effectively endorsing factory farming as your money supports the companies that commercialise animal cruelty.

'If slaughter houses had glass walls, the whole world would be vegetarian.'
Paul McCartney

Quality of life

Factory livestock endure a life closer to torture than anything resembling their natural lives.

Overstressed hens have their beaks amputated, pigs and chickens are pumped with hormones to grow unnaturally fast - so fast their legs often cripple under the weight. Dairy cows are routinely impregnated by hand and chained to the milk stall their entire lives.

Male chicks unable to produce eggs are minced upon hatching.

Choose not to look the other way

Could you actually kill an animal yourself to eat it? A piglet, chick, lamb?

If the answer is no, is meat-eating okay when the slaughter happens behind closed doors, and the meat we find in supermarkets does not tell the story of how it got there?

When faced with the horror of killing and the fear in the animal's face, could you do it? If the answer is no, then say no to buying animal products. And yes to tofu ;)


Many of us are dog or cat lovers, they can be our best friends or become a part of the family. We know they love their hooman parents and their litter, they experience happiness, excitement, sadness, can become scared, fear pain and feel pain.

We would never allow our pets to suffer the treatment millions of cows, pigs and chickens experience on a daily basis, but these animals also lead emotional lives, nurturing their young, expressing happiness or suffering and feeling pain.

Considering chickens or pigs haven been proven to be smarter than both cats and dogs, we need to challenge the double standards underlying the treatment of factory farm animals.